10 Tech Tools That Will Drive Your Income Higher

Do you receive a lot of junk email?

How about Robo-calls on your cell phone?

I’m not surprised and you shouldn’t be either.

After all, you asked for it.

You see, when you got your real estate license, your name, your email address and your phone number were added to hundreds of “targeted marketing lists” that the technology companies buy and use to promote their products and services directly at you.

You are on their radar and in their crosshairs and they are coming after you with relentless aggression. You’d better get used to it because they are not going to stop anytime soon.

The number of new products and services aimed at real estate agents that hit the market every week is staggering. Products that promise to save you time, create qualified leads, automate follow-up and pave the way for you to achieve real estate success…all for a low monthly $50 subscription fee and a 1-year contract agreement…yada yada yada.

My advice? Slow down. Keep your credit card in your pocket. At least for now.

Chances are your brokerage already offers a menu of technology products as a part of their agreement with you and in exchange for you hanging your license at that brokerage.

Just don’t automatically assume those products are the best products for your business.

First of all, cheap (or free) is not always the best choice…just like the Realtor who offered to list your friend’s house for 1% may not be the best choice either.

Sometimes cheap is very expensive.

EXAMPLE: For the last 7 years, I have been paying $80 per year for my primary email account.

Most people tell me I’m crazy! They say things like: “Don’t you know email is available for free?” “Haven’t you ever heard of Gmail?”

Of course, I’ve heard of Gmail. I’ve also heard of Gmail outages, Gmail service interruptions and GMail account access restrictions.

People say: “But Gmail is Free!”

And to that I say…”So what!”

Email is the number one, most important software tool I use. I am on it every day, all day. I use it on my PC at the office, my iMac at home, my iPad when I am away from my desk and my iPhone when I am in my car (not driving). I schedule meetings over email. I negotiate over email. I send contract documents over email. Email is a direct connection to my clients…and to YOU! I need an email program that works 100% of the time on all the hardware platforms I use.

BOTTOM LINE: I refuse to rely on a free email service, supported with advertising revenue, to fill the most important communication slot on my tech tool list.

YOU are worth more to me than that and my business is worth more to me than that.

So I pay $160 every 2 years to have a FastMail account.

FastMail is rock solid. In 7 years, the service has never gone down. Not once. I have never lost a single email. FastMail is my primary email account and my choice is not open for debate. Try all you want, you will not talk me out of paying for my email service. It’s simply that important to me.

There are several other technology categories I consider to be non-negotiable requirements for R.A.R.E. Agents.  

  1. My mobile computing devices (MacBook Pro and iPad Pro)
  2. My eMail solution (Have you checked out FastMail?)
  3. My multi-platform calendar (it’s iOS everywhere for me)
  4. My forms with electronic signature capability (Zipforms, Transaction Desk)
  5. My Transaction Management software (Paperless Pipeline ROCKS)
  6. My CRM, Client Relations Manager, i.e. Database (Pro Agent Websites)
  7. My Video Marketing Software (Bomb-Bomb)
  8. My eMail marketing software (NOT my main eMail program) (GetResponse)
  9. My professional web site that includes IDX home search capabilities (Pro Agent Websites)
  10. My social media presence (Facebook personal and business pages)

Each of these categories has dozens of competitive options. If you want to use something different from what I use, by all means, do so. My point is to understand why you use what you use and by all means, do not make “Free” the highest-weighted selection factor.

I know technology can be daunting and it’s easy to fall into the trap of “switching platforms” every time a new product hits the market claiming to be better than all of the others.

Don’t fall for it.

R.A.R.E. Agents find solutions for each of these categories. Then they learn them inside and out and stick with them.

We will dive deep into each of these categories in future posts so be sure to sign up for my email list to stay up on the latest technology information.

To your success,