My name is Dennis Jones. I’m a full-time real estate broker from Phoenix Arizona and have made my living in the real estate business since 2001.

A very good living, I might add.

In 2006, after 5 extremely productive years as an independent agent, I went back to real estate school and obtained my broker’s license, allowing me to open my own real estate brokerage and hire independent Realtors to work with me.  In Arizona, I was referred to as a Self-Employed Designated Broker.  Other states refer to that position as a Managing Broker, but regardless, the job is the same.  As a D.B., I was in charge of interviewing, hiring, teaching, training, mentoring, encouraging, counseling, and supervising everyone who chose to work with me.  Oh yeah…one more thing…I was also legally responsible for everything they did — causing more than a few sleepless nights.

Over the next 12 years, the business grew from just me to include over 80 Associate Realtors (including my wife) who hung their licenses with me.  Together we proceeded to capture the #1 market share position in our local area.  I liked to use the word dominate.  Our sales surpassed the collective total of 3 national brand brokerages who had offices within a mile of mine.

I guess we were doing something right.

While my personal real estate sales have exceeded $125,000,000 in transaction volume, I prefer to measure my success by the 5,000+ transactions I’ve been involved with either through my own personal efforts or the efforts of the agents associated with my company.  I’m sure you’ve seen the Farmers Insurance slogan: “We’ve learned a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”.   So it is with me.  It’s impossible to be exposed to that many real estate contracts, negotiations, inspections, first and second loans, title reports, tax liens, divorces, and morning-after buyers remorse phone calls without developing some thick callouses and rock-solid skills.  It’s through those transactions that my experience was built and it’s here, on this site and through my regular (free) emails,  that I will share from that experience…with the goal of shortening your “Real Estate Agent” learning curve.

In 2018, I stepped aside from the Designated Broker role and merged my company into Realty Executives, a large, national Real Estate brokerage brand.  This gave me back control a lot of my personal time and allowed me to focus on my own book of business, assist my wife in her massive $20-Million+, referral-based business, and spend time on my real passion…and ultimate mission…the R.A.R.E. Agent website.

My plan is to preserve, share and teach both new agents who enter the business and current agents who are struggling in the business, sound principles to get back on track. It sounds daunting at first, but I once heard someone say: “find a job doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Remember that.

The Real Estate business is a tough gig.  I don’t care where you live, where you came from, what kind of car you drive, what brokerage you are with, and what your prior resume looks like.  This business will kick your ass if you are not ready for it.

My goal is to equip you to not only be ready for it but to be awesome at it.

Really awesome.

So awesome that others will refer to you as a Really Awesome Real Estate Agent.

Most people tell me my style is professional but direct.  I call B.S. for what it is and seek the truth — even when it hurts to say it.  I always aim to do the right thing and as a negotiator, I always sought out a win-win solution that leans my way.

I promise you this, if you stick around here long enough, you will grow. You will become better.

You will gain instant experience.

And, most importantly, if you apply what you learn here…you will become a R.A.R.E. Agent!



Founder of The R.A.R.E. Agent Movement