The RARE Agent Academy is a 12-week training program that helps new and struggling real estate agents close 24+ transactions per year, creating the income and financial stability they desire without making cold calls, paying for leads, or begging family and friends for referrals, so they can enjoy the freedom of a 6-figure income working in a business they love.


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A Monumental Makeover of Your Real Estate Career.

Real Estate Professional,

I'm Dennis Jones, the founder of RARE Agents.

As a seasoned real estate professional, I understand the pain points you face every day. I know how tough it is when you're struggling to meet your transaction goals, grappling with inconsistent income, and feeling overwhelmed by the relentless need to generate new leads. 

It's agonizing, isn't it? You love what you do, but the uncertainty and the constant pressure are driving you to the edge. You've tried different strategies, worked ungodly hours, and yet, you're nowhere near where you want to be.

What if I told you there's a different way?

Welcome to the RARE Agent Academy - a breakthrough 12-week program designed to transform your career. 

Here, we move away from the painful strategies like door knocking, cold calls, buying leads, and begging for referrals. Instead, we'll equip you with actionable strategies on goal-setting, brand building, strategic partnerships, and social prospecting, among other essential skills. This program will also empower you with effective negotiation skills and mindset training.

Imagine closing 24+ transactions per year, enjoying financial stability, and the freedom that comes with a 6-figure income - all this while loving your work more than ever.

What would that be worth to you?

Are you ready for this transformative journey? Join us at the RARE Agent Academy, and let's make your real estate dreams a reality.

I look forward to working with you.

Warm regards,

Meet the Instructor

Dennis Jones is a 23-year veteran of the real estate business.  His industry experience includes over 5,500 residential real estate transactions exceeding $1 Billion in contract value working as an Independent Agent representing buyers, sellers landlords and tenants, a Managing Broker mentoring over 80 independent agents, and a Team Leader tracking every aspect of a real estate business generating over $1 Million in gross annual commissions.  

He founded R.A.R.E. Agents (Really Awesome Real Estate Agents), to help agents of all experience levels raise the bar of excellence through his mentoring and coaching programs.

The RARE Agent Academy

A Revolutionary Approach to Real Estate Success

The RARE Agent Academy is a 12-week coaching program that helps new and struggling real estate agents close 24+ transactions per year, creating the income and financial stability they desire without making cold calls, buying leads, or begging family and friends for referrals, so they can enjoy the freedom of a 6-figure income working in a business they love.

Here’s What You Will Receive:

This immersive learning journey features expert-led training videos, comprehensive course materials, and personal accountability coaching directly from Dennis on the 9-Step RARE Agent Academy Roadmap. These powerful sessions are designed to equip you with essential skills and confidence for success. In addition to exploring each of the 9 steps in detail, your enrollment will include the following additional training resources:

Content Marketing System and CRM

The RARE Agent Academy includes 1-year access to the RARE Agent Content Marketing System and CRM. Build the foundation of your real estate business using the same software I use to grow my 7-figure real estate business today.
VALUE: $2,990

Live Zoom Calls

Do not try to build your business alone! Engage in our twice-monthly strategy, implementation, and accountability calls, where I will review your progress, help you tackle challenges, and maintain momentum for consistent growth and success in your real estate career.
VALUE: $4,800

Customized Marketing Content

You will receive fresh marketing content to send to your CRM database each and every month. Newsletters, email drip campaigns, and professionally written marketing blasts to stay top-of-mind with your people!
VALUE: $3,500

Lifetime Access

As a graduate of the Academy, you will enjoy lifetime access to the program, ensuring a continual resource for your real estate journey, refreshing your knowledge and skills whenever needed for sustained success.
VALUE: Priceless

(Total Value: $11,290.00)
Get it All Right Now for: $4,995.00

Next Session Begins: February 1, 2024

Pre-Order to receive these exclusive bonuses!

Bonus 1
ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate

Don't be left behind! Courses that teach how to use AI in your real estate business are selling for over $1,000 today! This bonus course will teach you everything yo need to know and I will include it FREE when you pre-order the Academy.
(Available December 1, 2023)

Bonus 2
Access to Exclusive Academy "Members-Only" Webinars

As a member of the Academy, you will receive free access to all future Academy webinars featuring real estate industry experts. These sessions provide insights into market trends and an opportunity to network with top professionals.

(Launching early 2024)

Bonus 3
Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents

Receive my personal curated list of the top technology tools, websites, and apps that I have found to be most beneficial for building a real estate business. 

Why The RARE Agent Academy is so Valuable

The RARE Agent Academy is more than just a training course – it's your roadmap to a prosperous and fulfilling real estate career. Imagine being able to close 24 transactions every year – a goal that, once achieved, will lay the foundation for the financial stability and freedom you've always aspired to.

Isn't that why you got into the real estate business?

The cost of this comprehensive program represents a mere fraction of what you stand to earn in returns. Consider it a strategic investment in your future. Like a guide to buried treasure, the RARE Agent Academy offers a clear, step-by-step pathway to abundant, generational wealth. 

The Academy, with its combination of intensive training modules, personalized coaching, and lifetime access to materials, offers unmatched value. Every dollar spent here is an investment towards your future success. It equips you not only with the knowledge but also the practical skills and mindset necessary to navigate the real estate market confidently and effectively.

When you sign up for the RARE Agent Academy, you are making a choice for long-term success in a profession you love. The true measure of an investment is its return - and by that standard, the RARE Agent Academy is a tremendous investment that will yield exponential returns.

The RARE Agent Academy is not just a course, it's your ticket to financial freedom and a fulfilling real estate career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The course is designed to cater to both new agents and experienced agents who are struggling to reach their full potential. The concepts are explained from the ground up, ensuring everyone can follow along and benefit when they apply what is taught.

How is the RARE Agent Academy different from other real estate training programs?

The RARE Agent Academy stands out with its holistic approach. Instead of focusing solely on transaction numbers, we emphasize a wide array of skills, including business foundation, negotiation skills, client communication, and positive mindset. Plus, we offer lifetime access to the course materials and a supportive mastermind community of other RARE Agent peers.

What kind of time commitment does the RARE Agent Academy require?

While the course is designed for a 12-week period, the time you spend each week may vary based on your pace of learning. However, to gain the maximum benefit, we recommend setting aside 4-6 hours per week.

Will I receive any personal assistance or guidance during the course?

Yes! As part of the course, you'll receive personal accountability coaching directly from Dennis Jones. This allows you to ask questions, clarify doubts, and receive personalized guidance to ensure your success.

Are there any other materials I need to purchase?

Your investment in The RARE Agent Academy includes access to the video lessons, training materials, personal planning sessions, coaching and accountability calls, and a 12-month subscription to The RARE Agent CRM. During the Academy training, other "optional" products and services may be mentioned and referenced that are not offered through DLJones LLC and The RARE Agent Academy and may have additional costs associated should you decide to use them.

Are the trainings live or recorded?

All Academy training modules will be recorded. Many of the Q&A sessions will be live, giving you the opportunity to ask questions in an interactive environment. All Academy sessions will be recorded and added to the premium members-only area of the Real Estate Mastermind for permanent reference and review.

What is your guarantee and refund policy? 

Did you go to college? Was it free? Did they offer refunds? No they did not, because there was no guarantee that you would and use knowledge you acquired to establish and further your career. It's the same in the RARE Agent Academy. The only guarantee offered here is that you will have lifetime access to all current and future training materials offered in the Academy and we will continue to work with you to help you grow your real estate business as long as you seek and follow the advice of the Academy curriculum.

Is the cost of the RARE Agent Academy a worthwhile investment?

Absolutely. The practical knowledge and high-level skills you will learn from the RARE Agent Academy can significantly boost your income, making the the initial cost a smart investment in your professional growth and financial success.

My personal note to you...

"I've experienced the real estate journey from struggle to success. I've been where you are now, and I've created the RARE Agent Academy to make that journey smoother and more rewarding for you. This isn't just a course - it's a partnership. Join me, and together, we will unlock your potential, accelerate your career, and transform your life. Don't wait for 'someday' - let's begin this incredible journey together right now."

Dennis Jones, Founder

RARE Agents

Really Awesome Real Estate Agents