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[Press Release] 

DLJones L.L.C. Joins Forces with Learnistic L.L.C. to Develop the R.A.R.E AGENTS Mobile Coaching APP for Real Estate Agents.

PHOENIX, AZ— DLJones L.L.C., the pioneer company behind R.A.R.E. Agents, "Really Awesome Real Estate Agents" today announced that it has teamed with Learnistic L.L.C., a leading mobile application development platform for educators, to develop a mobile software application expanding its reach to top-producing Real Estate Broker/Agent Professionals nationwide.

Through this strategic relationship, DLJones will develop “RARE Agents”, a multi-media application utilizing Learnistic's propriety container platform optimized for mobile devices.

Real estate agents can now take advantage of the accessibility and familiarity of their iOS or Android mobile devices to access powerful real estate coaching and training courses on the go, wherever they are.

“We are excited to partner with Learnistic”, said Dennis Jones, President of DLJones, L.L.C. and Founder of the R.A.R.E Agent Movement. "It’s clear that real estate agents are looking for powerful, accessible, and affordable solutions to expand their skills, and grow their independent businesses. Using the "RARE Agent" App, we are putting dynamic content into the palm of their hands to help them increase their skills, grow their business, and make more money.”

"We believe the best way to reach busy professionals with interactive coaching content is via the Learnistic mobile development platform”, said Troy Broussard, co-owner of Learnistic L.L.C. "The RARE Agents APP is an innovative solution that will soon be available to over 2 million real estate professionals nationwide making our relationship with DLJones a clear win-win", said Ben Settle, a marketing veteran and Learnistic’s co-owner.

ABOUT DL JONES L.L.C. AND R.A.R.E. AGENTS: DLJones, L.L.C. is an advisory firm providing data-driven marketing solutions for small businesses with big ideas. R.A.R.E. Agents (Really Awesome Real Estate Agents) is a coaching solution for real estate professionals with content delivered via email subscription, eBooks, social media and mobile applications. To learn more about DLJones L.L.C. and R.A.R.E. Agents, email Dennis Jones at

ABOUT LEARNISTIC L.L.C.: Learnistic L.L.C. is a software development firm specializing in content delivery solutions for leading mobile platforms. To learn more about Learnistic L.L.C., please visit:

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