R.A.R.E. Agent Success Habits

Competence leads to Confidence and Competence grows through Repetition.

Your Daily / Weekly / Monthly habits will do more to bolster your competence...and ultimately your confidence... than anything else I can urge you to do.

So let's form some rock-solid habits...NOW.

Note: There is nothing magic about this list.  I came up with this list when I asked myself one simple question:

“What exactly do I do on a regular basis to become the best I can be in the real estate business?”

To best answer that question, I examined my own personal habits over the previous 30 days.

Here, my fellow R.A.R.E. Agents, are my own personal business habits:

  1. Review MLS Hot Sheet every morning for neighborhood updates in my target area.
  2. Preview New Listings every day.
  3. Hold an Open House in my area/zone every weekend.
  4. Attend Realtor Tours in my target farm neighborhood.
  5. Subscribe to and READ Inman News.
  6. Take a Technology Class.
  7. Meet with 1 new Trade Vendor every week for lunch/coffee.
  8. Read 2 real estate, sales or business-related book (monthly).
  9. Schedule 5 no-obligation coffee/CMA Meetings with my S.O.I. monthly.
  10. Learn how to make videos (don't worry about being perfect -- have fun)!
  11. Master the Settlement Statement. Take your favorite escrow officer a Starbucks drink and ask them to quiz you on it.
  12. Visit 1-2 New Home Builder locations every week. Walk the floor plans. Ask the builder's agent to add my email to their announcement list.
  13. Research current home remodelling trends and upgrade costs.
  14. Practice running comps and preparing a CMA Report. Focus on speed and accuracy.
  15. Call 2 other top producing agents in your market and invite them for coffee. Collaborate!
  16. Master 1 new skill (FIRPTA, 1031, CAP Rates, Multiple Offers, etc) every week.
  17. Take a Negotiation Class (read the book: Never Split the Difference - counts toward #8!)
  18. Study the Contract like a student preparing for a final exam.
  19. Take a CE Class for a topic I do not fully understand.
  20. Meet with a lender to discuss creative financing options like Seller Financing, Down Payment Assistance, ideas for turning Renters into Buyers.

There you have it.

A summary of my monthly work habits.

Note that these habits leave very little time for Reality TV, non-business happy hours or sleeping in on the weekends.  They will, however, propel you forward at breakneck speed toward your goal of becoming a R.A.R.E. Agent.

Who wants to join me?