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  • The hidden TRUTH about Real Estate schools...what they don't tell you and why so many people pass the real estate test but fail in the real estate business.
  • Learn the Biggest Secret in the Real Estate Business... If you think you will succeed because you like people, and you like looking at homes, think again because until you learn this, you are destined to fail. 
  • Crack the code for the Top 10 Lead Generation Strategies. Master the tried, tested and proven strategies that have worked since the beginning of time for agent everywhere.
  • Totally BUST the myth about "Lazy Agents" who are killing it in the business, making more money than expert veterans who have been in the real estate business for decades!
  • Exactly what to do when you are brand new in the business and want to "stand out" in your home town where hundreds of other established agents already exist.
  • The 10 Commandments to building a Lucrative Real Estate Business with strategies and Tips to help you get the job done faster than you ever thought could be possible.
  • How to Keep your Commission and not give your hard-earned income away just because a buyer or seller thinks you make too much money.
  • CRMs, and how Drip Email Marketing is the Secret Weapon of every Real Estate agent who wants to build a long-term, referral based business.
  • PLUS dozens and dozens more strategies and tips...

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Strategies, Tips, Tools and Tactics:

Actionable, straightforward tips about what you need to do to every day build a profitable real estate business. Learn the lead generation, lead conversion, negotiation and marketing skills you need to succeed at a high level.


Purpose and Direction for your Business: 

Insight from a 20+ year veteran in the real estate business including step-by-step, daily, weekly and monthly action plans. Learn what the best agents in the business do every day to position themselves as local experts.


Build Your Confidence and Mindset: 

The real estate business is a tough business and it will beat you up if you are not mentally prepared for the pressure, stress, and drama that comes along with running a multiple six-figure real estate business.


A Mentor and a Coach in Your Inbox Every Morning:

If you have never had a mentor or coach push you, motivate you, guide you, instruct you, inspire you, and hold you accountable, then you are in for a treat. Just read the reviews of current subscribers.

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"I learn something new every day from your email messages."

I want to thank you for your daily "RARE Tips" email messages.  I’ve been selling real estate for 8 years and  thought I knew a lot about the business but I continue to learn something new every day from your email messages.  You continually challenge me to think about my business!

Kathy Heinemann (REALTOR®)


I want you to know how meaningful your daily "Rare Tips" emails are to me. You are so authentic and your tips are pertinent and valuable. I utilize your tips, and build them into my systems whenever I can. As a result, I have 2 closings this month. I have 8 active listings and 3 more coming next week. I have 6 active buyers I am working with and am adding to my CRM and automating as much of my business as I can with reminders and am working on some ad campaigns and defining a farming area. Your advice is always clear, simple, and actionable!

Ann Cassady (REALTOR®)

"The information you share is valuable to my business. I appreciate your wisdom, guidance, and expertise." 

Thank you for sending your "RARE Tips" emails every day. I look forward to reading, and re-reading, each of your email messages. In fact, I print out many of the emails and keep them in a special binder for easy reference. The information you share is so valuable to my business. I appreciate your wisdom, guidance, and expertise. 

Cindy Baker (REALTOR®)

Meet the Founder of 

R.A.R.E. Agents

Dennis L. Jones is a 21-year veteran of the real estate business.  His career spans over 5,500 residential real estate transactions exceeding $1 Billion in contract value. He has worked as an Independent Agent representing buyers, sellers landlords and tenants, a Managing Broker supervising over 80 independent agents, and most recently as a Team Leader tracking every aspect of a real estate business generating over $1 Million in gross annual commissions.  

He founded "R.A.R.E. Agents" (Really Awesome Real Estate Agents), to raise the bar of quality through virtual coaching for real estate agents of all experience levels.

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