62 Tips For Real Estate Professionals.

As Dennis says, "Obtaining a real estate license is easy, but building a lucrative career requires a long-term commitment."

In his first book, 62 Tips, Dennis compiles 62 messages from his RARE TIPS email coaching subscription to deliver a fast-track game plan for agents of all experience levels.

Learn the truth about real estate education, how to be a real estate unicorn, the 10 Commandments of building a business, the most common lead generation pipelines, how to choose a CRM, how to create a client list and use email drip marketing campaigns to stay in front of your sphere of influence, how to prepare for listing presentations, manage your time, keep your commission and most importantly, how long it really takes to build a successful business.

"R.A.R.E Agents are Really Awesome Real Estate Agents!" --Dennis Jones

Uncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition.

In the real estate business, most agents do exactly the same thing.  Some do it better than others but that's not always the reason a client chooses their agent. 

YOU are the one thing that remains unique. Author Steve Miller's advice? "Look at what everybody else is doing, and don't do it."

Like it our not, the best agent does not always win. But the agent who is different, unique and offers a compelling experience for their client does. 

This book packs an MBA Marketing degree in 138 pages. Read it and you will change the way you approach your business forever.

"The Uncopyable book is my secret weapon!" --Dennis Jones

In real estate, your NAME is your BRAND. 

You need to take ownership of it and earn recognition as an expert in your field. There's no simple shortcut. But now there's a remarkably useful roadmap featuring:

  • An A to Z guide packed with actionable advice for developing your personal brand and accelerating your professional success.
  • 26 practical lessons to help you whether you're an entrepreneur, business leader, aspiring professional, creative, marketer or second careerist
  • Insights from professionals who are reaping the rewards of recognition

"Critical information for R.A.R.E Agents!" --Dennis Jones

Much needed direction for team leaders.

The Internet can do amazing things, but it can't provide leadership.

That still has to come from people just like you who have a passion about something. The explosion in tribes means that anyone who wants to make a difference now has the tools at her fingertips.

If you think leadership is for other people, think again - leaders come in surprising packages. 

Tribes will make you think (really think) about the opportunities in leading your fellow employees, customers, investors, believers, hobbyists, or readers....It's not easy, but it's easier than you think.

Did you ever feel so passionate about something you wanted to start a movement?

"This book was the inspiration for "The R.A.R.E Agent Tribe" --Dennis Jones

An inspiring guide to creativity in the digital age.

Steal Like an Artist presents ten transformative principles that will help you discover your artistic side and build a more creative life.
Nothing is original, so embrace influence, school yourself through the work of others, remix and reimagine to discover your own path. Follow interests wherever they take you—what feels like a hobby may turn into you life’s work.

Forget the old cliché about writing what you know: Instead, write the book you want to read, make the movie you want to watch.

"My favorite 1-hour read!" --Dennis Jones

Ego Is the Enemy draws on a vast array of stories and examples, from literature to philosophy to his­tory. We meet fascinating figures such as George Marshall, Jackie Robinson, Katharine Graham, Bill Belichick, and Eleanor Roosevelt, who all reached the highest levels of power and success by con­quering their own egos. Their strategies and tactics can be ours as well.

In an era that glorifies social media, reality TV, and other forms of shameless self-promotion, the battle against ego must be fought on many fronts. Armed with the lessons in this book, as Holiday writes, “you will be less invested in the story you tell about your own specialness, and as a result, you will be liberated to accomplish the world-changing work you’ve set out to achieve.”

"Highly Recommended!" --Dennis Jones

In the age of e-mail and instant communication, great sales copy is indispensable. 

But too many sales letters end up in the junk file or the wastebasket.

In this new edition of his top-selling book, author Dan Kennedy explains why some sales letters work and most don't.

And he shows how to write copy that any business can use.

Dan Kennedy is the most successful, highly paid direct-response copywriter in the country.

In this book, he shares his step-by-step formula so everyone can write sales letters and emails that will nail the sale.

"I have both the paperback version on my bookshelf and the Kindle version on my iPad so this book is always with me. It's that good." --Dennis Jones

Leigh Brown is known as the “No Bullshit” Realtor®. Her outrageously authentic approach to sales has skyrocketed her into the top 3 percent of real estate agents in the nation. In Outrageous Authenticity, Brown arms you with the tools you need to:

•Present a confident image of yourself to the world
•Use social media effectively to explode your fan and buyer base
•Boost your sales numbers by understanding your buyers’ needs
•Become a sales magnet by having an opinion and overcoming criticism
•Brand yourself authentically and consistently for long-term success

Once you let authenticity loose in your life, everything changes. It’s time to tear down that old image of what a salesperson is and remake it—your way.

Are you ready to be outrageously authentic?

The authors share wisdom gleaned from a combined forty-five years in the industry.

The key to their approach is its three-part structure:

1) In the Mindset section of the book, you will be advised of practices and philosophies to help you develop a successful business.
2) Next, the Metrics section will lay out the critical step-by-step analysis key to determining where you are, where you want to be, and how to construct a specific plan to get there.
3) Finally, the Methods section will walk you through a number of proven strategies for marketing your real estate business, developing your referral networks, and establishing practices that you can take to the bank.

Along the way, you'll get stories of the authors' own experiences, innovative ways to overcome obstacles, an assessment of the latest technology and new ideas.