I started using PC’s back 1986 when they had 5-1/4" floppy disks and 8086 processors.

Today, one single email message requires more disk space than my first PC could store.

I remember upgrading to a 5-megabyte hard drive and thinking I would never run out of storage space. Today, that drive would not hold the 30-second video I just recorded on my iPhone!

Early production PC's had a lot of quirks and were often buggy. They were slow, the screen would pixelate, the disk drives made odd noises, the fans were loud and they would freeze and lock up just when you were about to save an important document.

Thankfully, there was one simple fix to almost every single PC problem. It was the restart… the re-boot… often referred to as the HARD RESET. 

Every PC user learned how to do a HARD RESET. It was the only way to avoid insanity.

The HARD RESET was triggered by pressing the keyboard combination CTRL-ALT-DEL (Control-Alt-Delete). When you did that, the PC magically restarted, cleared the memory, terminated all active processes, reloaded the operating system and gave you a clean fresh start!

The HARD RESET worked every time.

Of course, you lost whatever you were working on at the time...

And while I give PC’s credit for dramatically improving productivity, they were frustrating to use because the HARD RESET was not an occasional thing…it was a regular thing. And the older your PC was, the more often the HARD RESET was necessary.

As a PC user, you basically had 2 choices…live with the bugginess, or buy a new computer. And so for a long time, I lived with the results until I could afford to buy a new PC.

My struggles with PC's continued through most of my adult life. While many of my friends loved their PC's, my relationship was love-hate at best.

So in 2016, after 30 years of using a PC, it was time for a HARD RESET of my computer platform and I made the decision to abandon the PC as my main computer and switch to a MAC. 

Snap. Just like that. 

Decision. Done. No looking back.

Switching from a PC to a Mac was the ULTIMATE Control-Alt-Delate. 

It was the ultimate HARD RESET.

I turned off the PC…and turned on the Mac.

A friend of mine said it was like I went to bed with Bill Gates and woke up with Steve Jobs.

The HARD RESET was (for me) the solution to my PC frustrations. PC’s were instantly in my past.

What did that whole story have to do with real estate? 

It’s all about the HARD RESET.

When I look back on my real estate business life, there's one simple thing I did on a regular basis.

I didn't do it once.

I didn't do it twice.

I did it several times.

What was it?

It's the act of a HARD RESET. 

Here are a few examples of when I did a HARD RESET in my business:

In 2006... I quit my new home sales position with Del Webb after achieving “Rookie of the Year” accolades, selling over $100 million in real estate and receiving “Lifetime Achievement” status with the Northern Arizona Homebuilders — all in less than 5 years. For me, the successes were not enough to overcome the corporate Bu!!Sh*t of working for a large company. Even though it was a great career path, it just wasn't for me. I knew I could do more, do it better and faster if I wasn't limited by the thinking of the people around me. So I did a HARD RESET and started my own independent real estate company later that year.


In 2011... I was running a fast-growing real estate brokerage out of my house. I had about a dozen agents associated with me and I was working as both a full-time agent and as a full-time managing broker doing personal sales with buyers and sellers, hiring agents, training agents, teaching education classes, reviewing contracts, processing commissions and providing front-line broker support for every agent in the company. All out of my house. My wife was working full time too, kicking ass and taking names (and adding them to our CRM) laying the foundation for what would soon be a huge referral-based business. It was then that I did another HARD RESET and rented commercial office space, wrote a new business plan, started a property management division, focused on accelerating agent growth and developing a culture that would attract like-minded associates to the company. I focused on, and succeeded in shifting massive amounts of local market share to us from the national brand competitors with offices in my community. The result was hockey-stick growth that had every broker in town wondering what the heck I was doing.


In 2018... that brick-and-mortar company had grown from a good-sized business to become one of the “Top 25 Residential Brokerages” as ranked by The Phoenix Business Journal. What started as a 1 person sole proprietor business had grown to employ 80-plus Associate real estate agents. We were averaging over 2 residential real estate transactions every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Business was good, but growing a company to that size took its toll on me so I did a HARD RESET and joined forces with a huge national chain (Realty Executives) and became their north valley branch office. The process stripped the supervisory responsibilities off my shoulders and cleared my head for the next phase of my work-life mission.


Each time I did a HARD RESET, things were going pretty well. But I knew there was something else, something bigger, something even more significant for me to do and I was not afraid to press the HARD RESET key combination on my business to go for the next level.

HARD RESET’s are dramatic. Sometimes 180-degree turns, sometimes just a few degrees left or right. Regardless of direction, they always require your full, undivided attention to stay on course and avoid possible self-destruction.

Many of you have asked me what you need to do to get your business going. What you need to do to turn it around. What you need to do to FINALLY build the business you told your friends, your spouse AND YOURSELF, you were going to build. You have reached the breaking point and something needs to change.

Enter the HARD RESET.

I am not suggesting you quit the real estate business. Not at all.

But if the results you are getting are opposite of the results you desire, then something has to change. And sometimes that change needs to be dramatic. (I’ve always thought a change that wasn’t dramatic was not really change at all).

For many of you, it is time to press the HARD RESET button on your business and award yourself with a fresh start. Clear your memory. Reload into your mind the things you know will work and devise a plan to put proven techniques into immediate action.

A HARD RESET begins by recognizing there is a problem, understanding that you have the power to affect change, committing to following through on your mission and taking massive action to turn everything around. 

The best part of a HARD RESET is, just like on the PC, once you press the button, the past is in the past. You have a clean, fresh start. The mistakes you have made, the ineffective systems you have been using, the unconverted leads you are nurturing and all of the bad stuff that piled on top of the previous bad stuff will all be obliterated with a HARD RESET. 

And all it takes is the push of a button. 

A want, a will and a decision, followed by YOUR action.

Is it time for you to do a HARD RESET?

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