The Key to Real Estate Success is Outcome Independence. 

 March 21, 2022

By  Dennis Jones

If you want to build a successful real estate business, you are going to face some difficult times. There is no way to get there from where you are without navigating a few challenges along the way.

Challenges like:

  • You'll need to work through some valleys and some hard times.
  • You will go through slumps where nothing seems to work.
  • Transactions in escrow will cancel and replacing them will seem virtually impossible. 
  • Your marketing efforts will not produce quality leads.
  • You will spend more money than you are making.
  • You'll need to manage the emotional stress that comes from the lack of results from the effort you are putting in.
  • You will ask yourself if it is worth continuing to do this...
  • You will question why your past success is only in the past, and why there is no sign of success in the immediate future.
  • You will wonder what it's going to take to survive...let alone thrive... as a real estate agent.

A steadfast commitment to the process will pull you through every single negative challenge you will face in the real estate business.

A good friend and coach once said to me, “If you want to build a big real estate business, you’ll need to choose between the pain of discipline or the pain of regret."

The pain of discipline means you will choose to:

  • Call 10 people every day...even when you don’t feel like calling anyone.
  • Send 500 postcards to your geographical farm...even when the last 5,000 postcards you mailed produced nothing.
  • Practice your listing presentation dialog over and over...even though you do not have a listing appointment on your calendar.
  • Skip the family BBQ and hold an open house instead...even though your family would love to see you there.
  • Cut back personal household expenses to generate cash flow that you can invest in lead generation activities.

The pain of regret is the disappointment you feel after realizing you lost out on an opportunity because you did not follow through on your commitment to yourself and were not properly prepared for the challenge.

If your desire to succeed is strong enough, there is nothing that will hold you back!

It won't matter that your open house event was a bust, that nobody responded to your marketing campaign, that nobody watched your YouTube video, and 10 people unsubscribed from your email list.

None of those things will stop you from continuing to press forward.

You will remain 100% committed to your personal goals and habits and work with an unwavering passion...every...single...day.

One thing that has helped me in my business is to approach my lead generation activities with something I refer to as "outcome independence".

As long as I know the lead generation strategies I am using are based on sound, proven principles, I no longer judge them on the timeline of their results.

  1. If I see immediate results, great!
  2. If I see delayed results, that's okay too.

I'll continue to work on them REGARDLESS of the results...or lack of results.

My decision to continue working to build my business is INDEPENDENT of the outcome I see from my efforts because I believe in the strategies and tactics I have chosen to pursue as the foundation for building my business.

I will keep moving forward.

I am outcome-independent.

Dennis Jones

Dennis is a 23-year veteran of the real estate business. His industry experience includes over 5,500 residential real estate transactions exceeding $1 Billion in contract value. He founded RARE Agents to help agents of all experience levels raise the bar of excellence through his mentoring and coaching programs.
Email: Dennis@RareAgents.com.

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