The Little Blue Pill of Real Estate

Let’s play doctor, shall we?

I’ll be the doctor…you be the patient.

You come to me with symptoms of inquisition that seem to re-occur daily…asking questions like:

  • What’s the one thing I need to do to get my real estate business off the ground?
  • What is the one thing I need to learn to be a long-term successful Realtor?
  • Which lead generation pipeline is the best one?
  • I only have enough money set aside to run one promotion… which one should I do?
  • Then you ask me what the most important thing I think you should do TODAY is.
  • You even ask me what I think about the book titled: “The One Thing” (by Gary Keller)

Hmmm… let me think about this.  I might need to consult with my medical journals.  NO, that will not be necessary!  I know exactly what is wrong.

You are suffering from 1) Ergophobia, 2) Phronemophobia and 3) BSO Syndrome.

And you need help fast.

Let me prescribe the actions you need to take to thwart each of these pesky little diseases once and for all:

  1. Ergophobia is the deep and persistent fear of work. The other names for this phobia are Ergasiophobia, or ‘work aversion’. Simply stated, people who suffer from this terrible disease need to get back to work!  They need to take daily affirmative action to flush the lazy genes out of their system.  They must immediately stop looking for that “one” thing that will make their life easy, lighten their workload and shorten their workday. They need to be ready to do whatever it takes to move the needle in a positive direction in their business. Having a fear of work will prevent people who are capable of achieving greatness from ever breaking through to a level any higher than mediocrity. 
  2. Phronemophobia is the fear of thinking. The origin of the word “phron” is Greek (meaning thinking) and “phobia” is also Greek (meaning fear).  This is a common disease but I assure you it can be treated. It is possible to build up your immune system and combat this simple-minded sickness that attacks people and destroys their ability to be independent creative problem solvers.  It takes time, but once you realize that grapefruit above your eyebrows is the most powerful computer in the world and you allow it time to focus on a complex problem, it has the uncanny ability to come up with a solution.  And more often than not, multiple solutions.  Now start thinking!
  3. BSO Syndrome is a very common sickness among low-producing real estate agents.  They are attracted to “Bright Shiney Objects” and they are easily distracted from what they told everyone yesterday they would be doing today.  They fall into the trap of believing that this weeks business plan is better than last weeks business plan and they throw away all of the efforts they put into last weeks plan in lieu of a better, faster, cheaper solution.  The cure to this migraine of distraction is time blocking, single-tasking, focused energy and willpower.  Turning off Facebook for a few hours will help take the edge off too.

As much as I know you wish you could find it, there is no one single cure (i.e. the magic blue pill) that will fix everything that’s ailing you.

There is no such thing as only one thing!  

The prescriptions to reverse the symptoms of mediocrity once and for all are a mixture of many different things. 

And you know what?  The remedies are the same as they have always been!

Here’s the RX:

Hard work, deep thinking and FOCUS.  Things that many agents seem to avoid at all costs.

Our business is not easy but it is simple.  

So let me say this one more time…there is no “One Thing”.  There are “Many Things” and true success in the real estate business will require mastery in many areas.

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