What R.A.R.E Agents Do During a Pandemic CRISIS

It's April 2, 2020 and we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

The CoronaVirus has changed everything. COVID-19 is out of control. Infections are spreading across our country and the world at an alarming rate.  Unemployment is rising and the stock market is falling. Most states are under "stay at home" orders and businesses are reeling.

People are dying and this is serious.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the Real Estate industry and the day to day operations of most Real Estate agents. And while most states have deemed the Real Estate business to be an "essential business" and may continue daily operations, everything is changing and Real Estate agents everywhere are scrambling to adapt to these extraordinary circumstances. 

What is a Really Awesome Real Estate Agent supposed to do?

Listen and watch as Dennis Jones gives his take in this spontaneous video:

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